Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The easiest way to become spiritually awaken

Hi precious,

There is something I want to share with you today. You know, recently I have experienced that few people with whom I am quite close at this stage of my life express an interesting desire, or rather not a desire to have children. These are quite mature adults and it doesn't really matter that some of them have a partner in life or not. They just say that they do not want children. Probably, I am not sure but I guess, this is because they think that having a child will put some kind of limit on their precious life style. They might also see around themselves these crying, shouting creatures who are their friends' or relatives' creations and find it really disturbing to have these around them for a longer periods of time. "I love children, - they quite often say, - but just do not want my own". Successful or spiritually aweken people are actually blind because all they see is that children will give them troubles or disturbance.

I do not want to point that their opinion is wrong at all, everybody has their right to do or say or feel what they want. The only thing I can say is that before I had a child myself I would have similar feelings or reasons myself. It looks like I have forgotten all of them as my child came to this planet. These reasons had lost absolutely any meaning to me, that's what had happened. Now I see that children not only execute a what we call realising your parental instincts to continue process of human beings existance on this planet. There is so much to it, that usually it is a bit complicated to express it with words.

Children will teach you the most important things and lessons in life.

1. Children give you a sense or point in life. Even if you are the best human representer, and your talents will be one of the best gifts or inheritance for the humans for centuries overtime and in whatever that you do or create requires absolute nonexistance of children in your life even then the role of a child can be underestimated by you. And if this is not the case as most of us are struggling to find a reason why we are in this world, children will be a phisical presentation of this reason. It is not that we live for the sake of children or continuation of human beings. But most often if you are mature enough to feel and understand, you will experience that having a child is something that gives a purpose in life. This like love feeling is hard to describe but easy to feel.
2. Experiencing the evidence of miracles. When you first time see your own new born child you realise that the miracle had happened to you. Otherwise how this living beautiful small creature can be produced by you and be part of you at the same time as being a separate whole thing. It's alive! It's made by you and some universal powers which you have no control of, but now you see that they do exist. This is a real miracle and you feel it and now will always know that miracles are real and possible.

3. Understanding of what is truely important in life. Children are referred to be the most important thing in life by parents not because this is a cliche to say so. An understanding of what is important can often be mistakenly taken by the things which are imposed on us by everyday life, like career, travel, having fun, money and time with friends, well, nobody says that these things are not important. They absotutely are. But if you put them on a scale to compare of how important are your children to you, they are just becoming almost meaningless then.

4. Being able to enjoy life to the fullest. When you observe your own child growing, playing, moving, doing first steps it is like a blessing coming upon you. You feel how precious a gift of life is and experience how beautiful life in itself is. Again, if you compare this experience with other life experiences which are of high importance to you, they might lose their value quite significantly then.

5. That you yourself are actually not that important. As you can sacrifice anything including your time and your own self for the sake of something more important to you and this desire would happen naturally mostly on subcounsios level is something of a good experience too. At the same time you will start to treasure yourself more too as you will understand that your children need you, need you happy, healthy and as a good person and parent.

6. A better you. For the sake of being a good example to your children you will be pushing yourself to be a better version of yourself. This is a good motivation to achieve something good in life and not waste it.

7. Experiencing that you can be really happy then someone around you is happy. Making your child happy will give you such a tender feeling of happiness and satisfaction that you will be amazed to the bottom of your heart. Happy days!

8. Evolve the creator in you. Not only that you have created this most important and beautiful thing in your life - a child. Children will make you to be so creative in all parts and areas of your life that you will not stop being amazed yourself every day.

9. Understanding of what happiness really is. That you can be happy when it is one of the most diffucult and challending periods in your life and your happiness doesn't depend on any of material attributes people connect to the state of happiness. Well, nobody says that having children is easy, well again, it does depend on your attutide as many other things.

10. This all gives you the understanding and feeling of one of the most important things which is said spritually enlightened people feel - the feeling of absolute love and harmony with the world. When it doesn't matter what, you will still feel love towards your child and it will not change under any circumstances. Harmony with world comes from realisation that you together with the universe had created something precious and are in the constant process of developing it.

And it only sounds absolutelly illogical to me that some people who seek spiritual awakening do not realise that their most easiest way to get it is via their children, for some reason they think having children will stop their spiritual journey or somehow will limit it. And the true (in my opininon) is that with the proper attitude this is quite the oposite, children help to mature spiritually for people in this world often without them realising this. 

You see how actually easy this is? You do not have to get to Tibet and become a monk there, you do not have to meditate or go to self-development courses. All you need is a right attitude for the most natural of the life processes on this Earth.

Last but not least, if you are not mature enough to feel this when you have got the children already, may be, just may be, trying to change the attitude will help. Just may be :)

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Когда ангелы спят.

Где-то глубоко, где-то на клеточном уровне в нас заложена потребность продолжения рода. Природа в мудрости своей совершенна, и она сделала так, чтобы наша эта потребность доставляла нам настоящее ни с чем несравнимое удовольствие. Удовольствие от самого процесса зарождения жизни, и удовольствие видеть то, как эта жизнь появляется на свет и вырастает, удовольствие видеть как происходит преображение ангела в человека. Как потом этот человек становится тем, кем становится. Как оказалось, познать и почувствовать радость этого великого таинства дано не всем, несмотря на то, что природа так старалась. Точно также, как не все могут постичь и многие другие таиства жизни.  
Если у вас хоть раз в жизни появится возможность понаблюдать за спящим ребенком, потратьте бесценное время вашей бесценной жизни на этот волшебный момент. И возможно, вам откроется тайна. Великая тайна одного из смыслов жизни. Может, удивительно сладкий запах спящего младенца и тихое его посапывание напомнят струнам вашей души то прекрасное чувство, которое испытывает человек, видя чудо, и они, струны, начнут пробуждаться, оживать. Из этой мелодии в вашу душу прольется свет блаженства.

Если в вас не проснулся еще пока материнский (отцовский) инстинкт (а он может крепко спать даже если у вас куча детей и они уже подарили вам внуков, или наоборот, достаться нам прямо от рождения), то находясь в одиночестве и наблюдая за спящим младенцем у вас есть шанс разбудить этот инстинкт в себе. Правда, позднее его познанее будет очень горьким, и слезы неизбежно хлынут из ваших глаз, вполне возможно вы будете воздевать руки к небу и спрашивать Бога, почему он раньше не открыл вам занавесу этой тайны. А ведь это только немногая ее часть, полная абсолютная любовь к ребенку заполнит ваше сердце тогда, когда вы начнете наблюдать за каждым мгновением его жизни, стараясь сделать это мгновение еще более прекрасным для милого дитя. Что ж, лучше поздно, чем никогда.

Но бывает и так, что вам и не доведется испытать эту божественную радость. Возможно, в вас спят другие инстинкты. У каждого своя дорога по жизни. 

Тем же, кому кажется, что они испытывают эти чувства/инстинкты, следует остановиться. Да- да! – остановите бег своей жизни, хватит бежать, успокойтесь. Ваш мир не рухнет, если вы не заработаете всех денег, и не испытаете всех удовольствий. Но он может рухнуть, когда вы поймете, что ваш ребенок уже вырос, а вы до конца не испытали одного из самых восхитительных чувств, подаренных вам самой жизнью... Остановитесь, посмотрите внимательно на маленького ребенка (ну, минут хотя бы десять) и вы сами поймете, что надо делать.

Знаете, когда появился на свет мой сын, в первый год, я, как и большинство мам, думала, ко мне просто пришел ангел. Ох и непростой это ангелочек. Но смотреть на него без слез умиления я не могла. От него исходил такой божественный свет, волшебное сияние, и меня ни на миг не покидала мысль, что в моей жизни произошло настоящее чудо. И я каждый день благодарила и продолжаю благодарить Бога и судьбу за то, что у меня есть шанс испытать такие чувства и эмоции. 

"Как тебе тяжело, с ним ведь так трудно и ты одна" – говорят мне вокруг люди, постоянно. Да, тяжело, мне также тяжело как человеку, который работает сутками напролет, но делает дело своей жизни. И в этом еще одна загадка жизни, когда тебе возможно и трудно и тяжело и нелегко, но ты получаешь от этого такое огромное удовольствие, твоя душа  радуется,  и никакие жизненные испытания не стоят того, чтобы на них обращать внимание. 

Созерцая спящих ангелов вы согреваете свою душу волшебным огнем земного счастья.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

REAL miracles of Reality Transurfing 1.

Hi everyone,

My name is Angelika and I am a Reality Transurfing Blogger. 

With these series of posts I would like to find and materialize the images of the Transurfing concept in the Dual Reality Mirror. Even if it will be only a leg of an elephant, but still I can say it is real from my point of view. This is my objective, to find any image and post my interpretation of that here. I am doing this only for the sake of own self. 

So, today is the first day of these series and I want to write about a miracle of Transurfing manifestation I have come across, well, today and one more time few days ago. If this happened twice, I need to pay attention to it, right? 

The miracle is called Essena O'Neill )) The girl with an actual name and she is alive (that means she exists in this world). I do not know if many of you knew her even existing until she broke thorough with the accusation of how “Matrix” (the “System”)* controls people energy via social media. Hey, I do not think she had read V. Zeland’s Reality Transurfing books, but she uses all the correct words. Though she had read few other books and she mentions them in the video. She really looks like she has awakened (in terms of how Transurfing interprets the awakening). Even her website is named: LETS BE GAME CHANGERS, come on, how is that, how more close to Reality Transurfing this could be?! And obviously, she had been one of the Pendulum Favourites of the Social Media before. Now she had turned around and started to walk her own Path. I wish I could observe what happens from now (I will try). Will another Pendulum makes her a Favourite, or will she lose it all? Judging from the resonance she is getting on the media right now, the Pendulum had no other choice if only to make her a new Favourite.

If you are unaware what happened and do not want to watch her great inspiring video. I will briefly explain: Essena O'Neill deleted her presence on some well-known social media platforms, where she had huge number of followers, claiming that this is not real life and all of it is fake. And that she was paid to promote some stuff (placement advertising or similar). Because people do not see anything rather that pictures (images), which are usually photo-shopped or otherwise not real life images. And anyone can say anything their brain can come up with to millions of followers, creating stories etc., all of which indeed is not a real life. (in this sentence the real is what you see beside your gadget screen). Lots of people (especially young, are already connected to the social media, and I mean not only literally connected, but with a hook in their brain and they do not even realise this). 

Well done for Essena O'Neill for being so brave to stand up against the system, I wish her all of the best in what she is going to do now, and I really hope she succeeds. As for me, this shows me a great material proof of that Reality Transurfing and all what Mr Vadim Zeland speaks about in his books and his videos is REAL! 

Thanks, Essena, for being my Transurfing Reality Miracle #1!


 *“Matrix” (the “System”) both V.Zeland and E.O'Neill sound similar with the meaning of these concepts.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 78

Guardian Angel


It might be that the times are hard for you right now, and there is no one to support you. Then you can create a Guardian Angel for yourself. If you believe in it, it exists for you, and vice versa, if you do not believe in it, it will not exist. Only awareness of that there is an essence, which cares about you, gives you a necessary balance of an assurance. Never be feel offended or angry with your guardian angel. You have no idea which troubles it saves you from whenever it can. When feeling joyful about your success, do not forget to express gratitude to it and remind it that you love it. It will become more powerful and get all back to you in threefold. 

Is this true, that every person has got his own guardian angel? In any case, this is up to you to decide. You are a creator of your own reality. Till you believe in an Angel, it exists as an energy essence, and if you are sure, it takes care of you, this way it is. Pagan people in ancient times weren’t fools at all by worshiping many gods and idols. You can imagine your angel in any kind of form. On its own it doesn’t look in anyhow. This is you who gives it a form in your imagination. Therefore, imagine it in a way you feel comfortable with. If you feel lonely, you can share your loneliness with an Angel. If you are in sorrow, or happiness, you can share this too. The more sincerely you will love your Angel and be thankful for any small things, the more powerful it will become and more help will be able to provide to you. Fantasies actually do not exists, Any creation of thought may be a reality. 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 77



You are as lonely, as you wish to be.Any inanimate object turns into essence and becomes your ally, if you treat it as an animate one. So, you can have a talisman -just choose something, like a toy, and seriously consider it to be animated and helps you. All, what surrounds you: houses, trees, furniture, household appliances, computers will start to help you if you decided this. Do not ask anything from you allies, but treat them as World mirror - be sure, they will take care of you - know this and repeat to yourself from time to time.


As a physical body can give birth to alike ones, the Soul can do this in the same way. When you think of some object as of an animate one, your thoughtform transforms into some kind of essence - a phantom which has a 'virtual soul'. Phantoms are not visible and tangible because they exist only in the metaphysics world. Nevertheless, after their birth they exist objectively and are able, as any of the thoughtforms, to have influence on the material reality. So, if  you wish so, you can animate the objects surrounding you and communicate with them as if any life creatures. Treat them kindly, with love, and care, and they will respond in the same way to you. For instance, if you treat your car as an animate and precious to you object, it will prevent any accidents. And then you through away anything, do not forget to say thank you to it. Do not worry, once you forget this thing, its soul will seize existing.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 76

The comfort zone.

Anyone can choose what he/she wants, but not everyone believes that he is allowed to do it. If you are not confident then trying on an unbelievable success, luxury, wealth, glory, then this means that those things are not within your comfort zone. And anything that is outside your comfort zone can’t be yours. But you can extend your comfort zone. Create a slide of your Dream in your head and constantly keep it in your consciousness. Get back to this created picture over and over again. Enjoy the details, add new features, getting used to your new image(position). You are worth all the best, all can be real and be yours. There are no limits, the boundaries are only in your head.
Positive slides will help to add the unbelievable to your comfort zone. As soon as your Soul stops feeling uncomfortably about that your Dream is available to you, the hesitations will disappear and the belief will transfer into the knowledge. The Soul will achieve the agreement with the Mind, and you will get the determination to possess. It is useless trying to convince the Soul in anything. As it doesn’t accept reasons, it only knows. But you can get it used to something. It has to get used to a new comfort zone. If you do not feel confident and do not know, how your Aim can be reached, do not worry and systematically continue the practice of visualising your slide. When the Aim will be fully within your comfort zone, the external intention will open the doors into the World of your Dream. This tower can only be taken by a long time besiegement.